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What began as a business teaching the home computer owner how to use their computer has expanded into a business providing the home computer user the same goods and services businesses and professionals have been getting but at home user pricing.  Strange as it may sound, we are a little more interested in making you happy with your computer than we are in making money

Our Mission

To provide for the computer user the same kind of goods and services that are provided to the professional and business community at a substantial savings.

Company Profile

Operating out of San Diego, California, PCT Computer Services started as a business teaching the home computer owner how to use their PC's under the business name of The Personal Computer Tutor.  In the economic downturn of 2001, the core business for The Personal Computer Tutor began looking at new possibilities.  Simply providing instruction in the use of the computer in the comfort of the client's home was not enough for the people of San Diego.  They needed in-home services far beyond mere instruction.  They needed help with home networks, setting up computer systems and installing complex hardware and software.  They needed to have their photographs e-mailed, their web-sites made, their database software needs met.  In short, they needed in-home IT services and more but at home user prices.
Thus, the idea for PCT Computer Services was born.
Taking PCT from the initials of the Personal Computer Tutor, a whole new company was created to serve the in-home computer users every computer need.  If there is a product or service that is provided to the business or professional, it is provided to the home user through PCT Computer Services.  These include:

In-home/on-site service, troubleshooting and repair (Some restrictions apply).

On-site backing up of critical files.

Installing, servicing and securing wired and wireless networks, printers, NAS devices and other networked devices..

Remote services at a substantial savings available.

Small office/home office customers welcome!

Customer input and constructive suggestions are always welcome and incentives are provided to those whose suggestions are used.

Contact Information

If you are interested in trying some of these products or services, they are currently being provided in total in San Diego County, California and (when an on-site presence is not required) anywhere else in the United States.
For more information, please call or e-mail us.
(619) 575-5022
Electronic mail
phill (at) pctcomputerservices (dot) com



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